Info about Our Worship: Sundays at 10:30 am

Visiting a church can be intimidating for many people especially if you don’t know what’s happening. We want to make you feel welcome and make visiting church a comfortable experience for you.

What is our Worship About? It’s about God, who has made Himself known to us as Father, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It’s our response of love to His love for us.

God calls us to be in His personal family, and wants the best for us. The best life now; the best life forever. Yet we all live lives that go wrong, suffering many hurts whether by circumstance, accident, sickness of any sort, our own choices and actions or the choices and actions of others. God knows our suffering and invites us to call upon Him in our day of trouble and promises to answer those who do so with a true desire to know Him. Remember you can’t fool Him; it’s no use crying for His help with your lips but with no intention to honour Him in your heart.

You may have noticed that we tend to blame God when things go wrong but often praise ourselves when things go well. and further, many who are blessed in say health, situation, prosperity, family and friends often deny that God even exists. While others who did know Him in bad days may then slip away from Him, after He has helped them, treating their new blessings as the outcome of their own actions.  Yet God is the eternal source of all love, joy, peace, kindness, gentleness, light and life. Given that life does not end at the grave where will people be after death if they have rejected God now? As Christ Jesus said, ‘What good will it do a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?’ [from the Bible, the Gospel written by Matthew Chapter 16 verse 26. New International Version 1984]

God is the God of life. He wants to raise us up into all that He created us to be, rescuing us from all the sorrows and pains, pride and suffering, tears and death of this life.  The Father offers us a new birth into a new creation life, which starts now and lasts forever. He does this through God His Son, Christ Jesus. And Father and Son want to be involved in all we are and do as His family, building relationship with us through God the Holy Spirit.

That doesn’t mean there are 3 Gods. There is just One. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit share the one same God-nature, yet are not identical; each relates to us in different ways. God reveals Himself to be One God in Tri-unity, or Trinity for short. Don’t let thinking on that bother you. It’s a truth that’s best known through experience and celebrated in worship. Worship is where God’s gathered family express with others our love for Him, our trust in Him and our commitment to Him, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

All Christian Church communities are sisters in a single family, but like family sisters have different approaches to how they do things. What’s our Worship Approach?

We praise God in song – mostly singing along with YouTube worship songs

We find out how God likes us to live through reflecting on Bible Readings

We ask His help for ourselves and for others in various sorts of Prayer

We make our church and personal response to God seeking His way in our lives, to become more like Him and to offer what we are and can do for His purposes.

Our monthly communion service is normally on the 1st Sunday but not always – so please check

Sometimes our worship is less formal than other times – so look out for our  occasional Café Style Worship, which we hold in our Hall.

On most Sundays, tea  and coffee is served in the Church Hall after the Service, as a time to chat, and get to know each other better!

Our worship is led by our minister, the Rev’d Viv Henderson, or by other of our church folk, or invited visiting preachers

For February 2023

5th Feb  Rev’d Viv HendersonCommunionher final service with us

12th Rev’d Malcolm Hopevisiting Methodist preacher

19th Rev’d Jane Seftonvisiting Methodist preacher

26th Mr Andrew Rowe – church elder – 1st Sunday of Lent