Join & Grow?

We are a small church. But we have trust and hope in the Lord our God for the future. We believe in God as the One who made all life out of nothing, who raised His Son, Christ Jesus, bringing new life from death, who poured out His Holy Spirit upon His Church, bringing a new priesthood and nation into being.

In the living power of God our growth depends on praise, prayer and people, expressing our faith in love. Love for God, love for one another, love for others.

Will you help us grow in praise, dependence in prayer and love through people?

Do not look at how small we are, but look at the greatness of God.

Do not look for what you can receive from God but in God see how you can contribute in faith, availability, and service – the choice of the cross.

Do not look at what you cannot be or do, for God works in His people to achieve His purposes.

Do not look at the world and its power, for God is sovereign. Remember how Peter walked on the water when he looked at Jesus, but sank into it when he looked at the wind and the waves.

Do not judge us and walk away from us if in our brokenness we should fail to welcome you as you might hope, but forgive us and become a part of us and help us to change to be a church God loves to grow.

Do pray for God to grow us in His Character, His Kingship, and numbers, even by ones: one person, one couple, one family at a time.

Do help us to honour God in worship, life and mission.

With us or with others be who you are and do want you can in Christ and He will bless you.