Visiting a church can be intimidating for many people especially if you don’t know what’s happening. We want to make you feel welcome and make visiting church a comfortable experience for you.

A typical Sunday service includes:

  • Music – A selection of hymns and worship songs led by pipe organ or keyboard.
  • Bible Readings – We believe that God has revealed himself, and his truth, through the Bible.
  • Prayers – Prayers are led from the front of the church by the minister or a church member.
  • Offering – The offering is an opportunity for regular church members to give financially to work of the church. As a visitor you won’t be expected to give anything.
  • Sermon/Teaching – This will be based on the Bible and it gives us time to explore how we can understand the Bible for our lives today.
  • Communion – Once a month (1st Sunday). We share bread and wine together as part of our Service. Eating the bread and drinking the wine for Christians is a reminder of the life and death of Jesus, and all that it means.
  • Café Style Worship – On the third Sunday of the month. This is held in the Hall.

On most Sundays, tea and coffee is served in the Church Hall after the Service, as a time to chat, and get to know each other better!